Welcome to Creative Freedom

Does your creative energy feel stifled or blocked?

Creative Freedom is a healing and empowering workshop that digs to the root of interferences that inhibit creative flow and self-acceptance.

Creative Freedom empowers you to create more easily and joyfully, and to find more success in a creative career.

  • Understand yourself better by expanding and deepening your understanding of “art” and “artist.”

  • Understand and release common fears that create roadblocks to creative achievement and success.

  • Uncover the secret treasures hidden inside negative stereotypes that plague creative people and interfere with financial success.

  • Practice simple energy meditations & tools to release blocks and gain better access to your creative power.

  • Enjoy writing and other exercises to get the juices flowing and connect more deeply with your own voice.

  • Receive transformational group healing (Soul Medicine – one private session would be $225-300.)

  • Take charge of your creative destiny and live the creative life in a joyful, healthy, productive way.

laurie-collage-copyFrom Laurie Lamson:

I know what it feels like to be a creative person who has trouble getting off the couch or completing projects.

It took a lot for me to free my inspiration ideas, so I have major compassion for other people in that predicament. I know from experience that it can be a painful spiritual struggle.

Creative Freedom is my way to help empower creative people by sharing all that I gained on my own spiritual and creative journeys – the way I only wish someone had done for me when I needed it.

Would you like a better relationship with your inner artist?

Art and creativity are for everyone. As human souls we’re all capable of tremendous creative power.

Unfortunately, many conscious and unconscious forces can undermine the relationship with our inner artist and interfere with our access to that power:

  • Ingrained negative stereotypes about artists and creative people.

  • Overwhelming pressure to earn a living and be a “productive” member of society.

  • Self-doubt and fierce competition in the artistic fields.

  • Confusion about the creative life journey and what “art” really is.

The Creative Freedom workshop helps you live the creative life in a more joyful, healthy, productive and abundant way.


BakariQuotenewcolorCreative Freedom helps you understand yourself better, by deeply exploring what it means to be a creative person / artist.

CREATIVE FREEDOM: a one-of-a-kind workshop series designed to heal and empower your inner artist.

Creative Freedom was designed to help you on your creative life path by writer, book editor and medical intuitive: Laurie Lamson.

Relevant for:

  • Creative people who feel blocked, inhibited or stuck – not necessarily seeking a career as an artist but would like to tap and channel more of their creative energy.

  • Artists of different disciplines and career levels – who are interested in digging deep into what it means to own and honor their creativity.

  • Therapists or others who wish to gain deeper insight into artists and their particular challenges.

Space is limited to 10 participants.

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“Empowering yourself as an artist can be a challenging process. This workshop offers everything I wish someone had shared with me when I was struggling to understand myself as a creative person.” Laurie Lamson

Created by Laurie Lamson:

“Empowering yourself as an artist can be a challenging process. This workshop offers everything I wish someone had shared with me when I was struggling to understand myself as a creative person.”