Creative Freedom Virtual Workbook

Welcome to the workshop resource page for Creative Freedom. I’ll be adding downloads and links relevant to each meeting.

If you didn’t get it already, check out Let Creativity Flow: 5 Ways To Get Creativity Flowing. Thanks for participating!

First Session

1) Overview of what we discussed.
2) Self-Questionnaire.

Second Session

3) Overview of what we discussed.
4) Self-esteem building work.

Third Session

5. Overview of what we discussed.

6) Example of ability to create a new form from deeply studying two forms:

I mentioned a couple of times my brother Mark Lamson’s ability to practice drumming for hours on end without focus on result or product. He and his former professor co-created a new music by integrating Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian styles: Bata Ketu.

7) Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talk: “Your Elusive Creative Genius”

Fourth Session

8) Overview of what we discussed.

9) The documentary DIG.


I mentioned – it sort of perpetuates the myth of crazy being more creative (streams free on YouTube link provided above.)

10) The documentary YOUNG AT HEART – highly recommended.

A chorus of senior citizens from Massachusetts put on shows covering songs by Jimi Hendrix, Coldplay, Sonic Youth, and other unexpected musicians.  Very fun and inspiring – streams on Amazon video at link above ($3.99.)

Soul Connect Radio creativity episodes

11)  Episode 7: Letting creativity flow and the Creative Freedom program.

12) Episode 11: Interview with art consultant and critic Edward Goldman: “Art is my religion.”

13) Episode 12: Tribute to Whitney Houston.

14) Episode 13: PINA, Ovo and Keys to Aging Gracefully.