Creative Freedom was created by Laurie Lamson.

I was a sensitive child who read a lot and knew I wanted to be a writer from a young age.


My fifth grade teacher predicted I’d be writing novels by the time I was eighteen.


Well, that didn’t happen.

Insecurity and self-doubt held me back for years. I went to NYU film school, and for me, it was heaven. But after school it took another ten years to get serious about writing. I’m what you might call a “late bloomer.”

The Inspiration for Creative Freedom

The Creative Freedom workshop is a combination of my two lifelong pursuits of the creative process and personal/spiritual growth.

I know what it feels like to be a creative person who has trouble getting off the couch or completing projects. It took a lot for me to free up my inspiration and ideas, so I have great compassion for other people in the same painful predicament.

Creative Freedom is my way to help heal and empower the inner artist – yours and mine.

Dedicated to Creative Work and Helping People


I’ve studied and practiced energy healing based on quantum science for the last 12 years. I combine various techniques for maximum effect – I call it Soul Medicine.

Soul Medicine is an important aspect of the Creative Freedom program.  More info at

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I’m now an award-winning writer and short filmmaker!

Over time if you keep at it, your experience starts to add up: I’ve written over eighty produced corporate, educational and promo scripts for clients like Depuy, L.A. Metro, Levi Strauss, Union Bank and the U.S. Army.

My feature adaptation of the life and book of musician/activist has won ten awards including two for the screenplay. Learn more about my projects at IMDB and JaZzyMaE Media.

I’m also the author of:
Witch Littles: Magic in the Garden, a  law of attraction book for little witches aged 6 to 600,
Quest for Peace, a Kindle short story book, and
21 Ways To Soul Connect: tap the healing power of the Real You.

I edited three writing exercise anthologies in the Now Write! series.  I’ve coached and consulted fellow and sister writers as well as movie producers. More info at