Everyone has access to creativity. It’s part of humanity’s birthright.

Not everyone is comfortable with their creative power, or knows how to work with it effectively.

Even with a burning desire, it can take a lot of guts just to get started.

And once begun, there are a lot of potential roadblocks that can interfere with our progress and completing projects.

Successful artists and professional creatives struggle with the same issues as all people who feel drawn to accessing more of their creativity do:

    • Trusting your own unique voice, style, or approach.
    • Giving yourself permission to include or address uncomfortable material.
    • Keeping momentum going when inspiration lags.
    • Self-doubt, judging your own work as, “Not good enough.”
    • Negative societal and/or family stereotypes about art and artists.
    • Fear of criticism, and taking it personally.
  • Creative people need to grant themselves a lot of freedom.

    As daunting as it can be, creative people and artists have a sacred responsibility to nurture their own talent.

  • By giving ourselves the freedom to explore and play with our own creativity, we have the potential to contribute to others, society, and ourselves:
    • Demonstrate what free thinking looks like, which unconsciously gives others permission to do the same.
    • Witness and interpret the world through your own unique lens.
    • Shine a light on injustice.
    • Entertain and make life more enjoyable.

    The Creative Freedom workshop provides:

    • Deep healing of inner doubts and blocks.
    • A more loving relationship with yourself and your inner artist.
    • Help in tapping creative life force energy.
    • Increased momentum to complete projects and move forward in a creative career.